Universal Safety

Seat Belt Restraint

Attaches to all Harnesses

Safe and Secure, Fully adjustble, Easy to install

Keeps your Dog restrained in the vehicle whilst travelling

Will keep your Dog safely tethered.

Approx Size 18"-28"

made from sturdy Nylon with Stitched joints not glued.

Must be used with a FULL BODY HARNESS not supplied.


Attach to your dogs harness and plugs into your cars seat belt anchor point.


"One in four motorists ‘break the law' by not restraining their dogs in the car"

Say the RAC

More than one in four (27%) dog-owning motorists may unwittingly be breaking the law when it comes to transporting their pets by not keeping them restrained when their vehicles are on the road, new research has found.

According to the Highway Code dogs or other animals should be suitably restrained in a vehicle so that they don’t distract the driver or injure them if the vehicle stops quickly. Official advice from the RSPCA is that dogs are both secure and comfortable during transport.

Use the Universal Safety Seat Belt Restraint to keep you Pet safe and stay within the Highway Code it's the Law.