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Stock Code: HT7523

Dog Safety Muzzle made from Soft Nylon

Item Size: Extra Large

Soft Nylon Muzzle for your dog. Model above is wearing an Extra Large Muzzle

This product is flexible and easy to apply by placing over the snoot and clipping around the back of the head. Intended to act as a restraint when in a potentially problematic situations were you pet feels anxious, this muzzle will keep your dog from possibly harming itself and others and limits jaw movement.

An alternative to a hard case muzzle, however please note this soft material muzzle does not have a completely sealed end and still allows for the mouth to be accessed - Please see images above for details. 

Easy to fold into your pocket and apply quickly.

Approx Sizes & Breed Fit: 


Radius Around Snout

Approx. Breed Fit
Extra Small11 - 14 cmYorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua
Small15 - 17 cmBichon Frise, Jack Russel, Border Terrier
Medium18 - 20 cmBeagle, Border Collie, Standard Dachshund
Large21 - 24 cmSpringer Spaniel, Labrador, Golden Retriever
Extra Large25 - 28 cmGerman Shepard, Weimaraner, American Bulldog
Extra Extra Large29 - 32 cmGreat Dane, Leonberger, St. Bernard