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Stock Code: HT7522

Dog Safety Muzzle made from Soft Nylon

Item Size: Large

Soft Nylon Muzzle for your dog. Model above is wearing a Large Muzzle

This product is flexible and easy to apply by placing over the snoot and clipping around the back of the head. Intended to act as a restraint when in a potentially problematic situations were you pet feels anxious, this muzzle will keep your dog from possibly harming itself and others and limits jaw movement.

An alternative to a hard case muzzle, however please note this soft material muzzle does not have a completely sealed end and still allows for the mouth to be accessed - Please see images above for details. 

Easy to fold into your pocket and apply quickly.

Approx Sizes & Breed Fit: 


Radius Around Snout

Approx. Breed Fit
Extra Small11 - 14 cmYorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua
Small15 - 17 cmBichon Frise, Jack Russel, Border Terrier
Medium18 - 20 cmBeagle, Border Collie, Standard Dachshund
Large21 - 24 cmSpringer Spaniel, Labrador, Golden Retriever
Extra Large25 - 28 cmGerman Shepard, Weimaraner, American Bulldog
Extra Extra Large29 - 32 cmGreat Dane, Leonberger, St. Bernard