Medium - Slicker Brush - Pink


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Stock Code: HT6657P

Medium - Slicker Brush - Pink

Item Colour: Pink

Item Specification: Brush Head - 9cm x 4.5cm Approx

This easy to use Slicker Brush is perfect for ensuring your pet has a professional finish to their coat, all from the comfort of your home. 

Directions for use:

Use a gentle stroking action, allowing the slicker pins to ease through any matting or tangling, in turn removing any dead or unwanted hair from the topcoat leaving it look shiny and healthy.

Caution: Can cause slicker burn if there is too much pressure is applied or if too much heat with drying the coat.

Not suitable for corded coats.

*Owners should always read the label of the product for information before using product. And conduct further re-search before grooming your animal.