Cat & Kitten - Bob Martin - 2 Tube Spot On De-Wormer

Item Specification: 2 Tube Spot on De-Wormer

This Bob Martin Spot on De-Wormer is designed to make worming easy, with no biting or scratching that is usually associated with tablets.

  • Effective almost immediately after application and is 100% effective at controlling most common worms that affect cats and kittens.
  • Bob Martin 2 Tube spot on De-Wormer contains Parziquantel.

Directions for use:

  • Cats Weight: 1kg - 2.5kg, = 1 tube
  • Cats Weight: 2.5kg-5kg, = 2 tubes
  • If your cat weighs more than 5kg, apply an extra tube per 2.5kg bodweight

Only suitable for cats weighing 1kg plus.

Full directions of use are printed on the reverse of the packaging. 

*Owners should always read the label of the product and speak with their vet before administering any products to their Cats.