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Mini Grooming Package

This package Includes the following items which are all various colours and there is no colour choice. Your will receive one of each of the following:

Dog Nail Clippers, Large Slicker Brush, Flea & Tick Comb set, Pet Massage Brush, Detangling Comb, Dental Care set. 

Item Specification: Nail Clippers for Dogs with Comfort Grip

These Nail Clippers are play an essential part of your grooming regime for your pet.

With built in safety guard to prevent over cutting.

Directions for use:

Hold your animals foot carefully and ensure you are always in complete and utter control before starting to trim the nail.

Cut in a smooth action, but if you are unsure how much, cut off a small amount at a time.

When cutting your animals claws, you must remember the blood vessels known commonly as the 'quick' within the pets nail bed, it is important not to cut into this area.

You can see the quick by looking at the underside of the nail, and if you are unsure, please seek advice from a professional vet or groomer.

Suitable for medium and larger sized dogs.

*Owners should always read the label of the product for information before using product. And conduct further re-search about grooming your animal.

Item Specification: Slicker Brush

Brush head measures 12cm x 6cm approx. and handle 10cm.

Item Specification: Flea Comb with two tick removers

Flea and Dust Comb, For the reliable discovery of fleas and lice, 2 sided fine and coarse teeth.

Tick remover a smart and safe way to remove ticks. Removes the tick without squeezing it reducing the risk of infection. Doesn't leave the head of the tick in the skin, removes small and large ticks removes ticks in a few seconds without pain.

Item Specification: Rubber Massage Mit

This easy to use Rubber Massage Mit not only cleans the coat of loose hairs, but also provides a stimulating massage to the skin, releasing the natural oils to keep the coat nice and shiny and also healthy.

Directions for use:

Use when bathing your pet for some thorough cleansing or use when dry as part of your regular grooming routine.

Item Specification: Detangling Comb

18cm Long, 3.5cm Wide, 2cm Long Teeth

This easy to use Detangling Comb is perfect for ensuring your pet has a professional finish to their coat, all from the comfort of your home. 

Comprised of staggered and rotating teeth, designed to maximise the elimination of tangles and knotting. The continuos massaging actions of the rotating teeth stimulate the natural oils in your pets skin, resulting in a natural and shiny and healthy looking coatThe rounded bottom of the teeth provide a kind way of combing but still being kind to your pets skin.

Directions for use:

Use a normal brush to tease out any existing knotting or tangles. Then use the comb to start on the smaller more stubborn knotting. Start at the neck, and comb in the direction the hair grows, doing a small bit at a time. Brush the whole coat to remove all loose hair. Do this once a week and if you struggle with any tough knotting, seek advice from a professional groomer. 

Item Specification: Toothbrush Set

This Dog - Finger Toothbrush Set is perfect for maintaining a healthy dental hygiene from day one along with fresher breath.  The best way to achieve hassle free pet tooth cleaning is to get your pet accustomed to having their mouth, teeth and gums carefully handled as soon as possible. You can do this by gently massaging the mouth area from an early age, in a comfortable environment for you both.