Medium Cooling Vest


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Stock Code: PET7357M

Medium cooling vest

Item Colour: Blue

Item Girth Size: 66cm

Item Length Size: 32cm

•Reusable and lightweight •Keeps your dog cool for up to 6 hours •Reflective for night/dark walks •


Soak and submerge the vest in cold water for between 5-10 minutes. Take the vest out of the pool of water and wring out the excess water slightly. The vest is ready for your dog to wear. It should provide between 4 to 6 hours of cooling. Heat related illness is a serious problem for dogs and can cause major problems. The vest is made from a highly absorbent PVA and is also ideal for old dogs as well. When the water evaporates, the coat will become dry and stiff. Simply repeat the soak and submerge process again as explained before. When not in use always keep slightly moist and store in bag provided.

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