Poochnut Butter for dogs and LickiMat Buddy


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Poochnut Butter (two tubs), plus LickMat Buddy

Item Specification:

Poochnut Butter 2 x 340g Tub

LickiMat Buddy x 1 (Colour chosen at random)

  • The Poochnut Butter treats are made from Quality Peanuts with NO SALT or SUGAR, NO XYLITOL, No HARMFUL SWEETNERS and are completely "Wheat Free" & "Gluten Free" that makes it 100% Safe for dogs.
  • Poochnut Butter is ideal to stuff into Dog toys or Dog Puzzle Toys, Dog Training toys and spread onto licking mats to keep your dog entertained and motivated.
  • For using this special formulated peanut butter, there is no limitation to any breed or age, as it is a balanced and healthy treat for all dogs. Why not to make your own Dog Biscuits or treats and add this delicious Poochnut Butter.
  • Each Jar has 340 Gram Peanut butter in it and you can choose appropriately and save more with bulk buys. These peanut butters comes with long expiry dates and the compact design makes it easy to store.
  • The LickiMat Buddy is a great way to entertain and reduce stress, anxiety and boredom, by smearing pocchnut butter on it.
  • Great for all sizes and breeds.
  • No silicone, environmentally friendly and safe.

Product description

Smearing peanut butter on Kongs and chews can keep dogs occupied and calm. Dogs can eat and many really enjoy Peanut Butter. But please beware, as some peanut butters contain an ingredient called "XYLITOL", which is toxic to dogs and even eating small amounts can be fatal. Similarly, "PALM OIL" is also unfortunately very toxic to dogs. Keeping this in mind and a careful observation of a dogs love for peanut butters, the "Poochnut Butter" is specially formulated for dogs and is a natural source of Protein. Your dog will love to lick these dog treats and chews direct from the pot. You could use peanut butter for - 1) Training your dog: For dogs, It’s a high value reward so giving a little taste to them after they’ve shown a behaviour you’ve asked them to show (eg coming back to you when called) will make them more likely to do the good thing again next time you ask as they’ll remember getting a treat. 2) Keeping them entertained for a while: Smear it inside a Kong or on a chew to give them something to focus on during chill out time.3) A distraction: Peanut butter is very tasty and can help to make a dog feel more comfortable during an experience they don’t really enjoy, for example having their nails clipped or having a bath. You could smear it on the bath or tiles while you shampoo them to keep them distracted.


Peanuts 98.2%, Hyderogenated Soya Oil 1.8%