Nail Clippers for Dogs


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Stock Code: PET6660

Nail Clippers For Dogs

Item Specification: Nail Clippers for Dogs with Comfort Grip

Item Colour: Red & Black

These Nail Clippers are play an essential part of your grooming regime for your pet.

With built in safety guard to prevent over cutting.

Directions for use:

Hold your animals foot carefully and ensure you are always in complete and utter control before starting to trim the nail.

Cut in a smooth action, but if you are unsure how much, cut off a small amount at a time.

When cutting your animals claws, you must remember the blood vessels known commonly as the 'quick' within the pets nail bed, it is important not to cut into this area.

You can see the quick by looking at the underside of the nail, and if you are unsure, please seek advice from a professional vet or groomer.

Suitable for medium and larger sized dogs.

*Owners should always read the label of the product for information before using product. And conduct further re-search about grooming your animal.

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